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  • Yellow Alert in Rancho Cucamonga: Giant Dog Sculpture Sparks Fierce Debate!

Yellow Alert in Rancho Cucamonga: Giant Dog Sculpture Sparks Fierce Debate!

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📝 Yellow Alert in Rancho Cucamonga: Giant Dog Sculpture Sparks Fierce Debate!

📝 Quick Response Leads to Shoplifting Suspects’ Detention at Rancho Cucamonga Macy's

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Yellow Alert in Rancho Cucamonga: Giant Dog Sculpture Sparks Fierce Debate!

Rancho Cucamonga's latest attraction, The Bark at Central Park, is not just a hit among the canine community but also a topic of heated debate. This new dog park, known for its spacious fenced areas where dogs can frolic freely, is now home to a striking and somewhat controversial piece of art.

Standing tall at the park's entrance is "On Point," a 12-foot, 2,000-pound steel sculpture of a dog, painted in a vivid shade of yellow. Created by artist Seth Johnson, this abstract representation of a dog is a blend of geometric shapes and angles, intentionally avoiding resemblance to any specific breed. Johnson humorously notes that the sculpture is a mix between a Doberman and a Husky, but on a much grander scale.

The choice of bright yellow for the sculpture was a deliberate one by Johnson, who initially nicknamed it "Old Yeller" during its creation, reminiscing about his childhood pet, a yellow Lab mix. However, this color choice has sparked a range of reactions from the local community.

On social media platforms like the Rancho Cucamonga News Group page on Facebook, the sculpture has attracted a flurry of comments, many of which are critical. Residents have variously described "On Point" as hideous, an eyesore, and even likened it to something out of "The Hunger Games." Some have questioned the decision-making process behind its installation, with a few humorously inquiring about the addition of a giant fire hydrant next to it.

Despite the criticism, there are those like Arianna Vaughn, who appreciate the sculpture as she walks her dogs past it. My personal visit to the park revealed a cheerful and whimsical addition to the area, a rare example of municipal creativity.

The opinions among park-goers are diverse. Some, like John Cox, don't see an issue with the sculpture, while others suggest different color schemes or materials to make it more traditional. Kristi Gavin finds humor in the online debates about the statue, and Daniella Finkle considers it modern art, albeit more suited to a city like Los Angeles.

Carrie Baird, a long-time resident, strongly opposes the sculpture, calling it an eyesore. In contrast, Donna Wilkes sees it as a unique piece, fearing its potential removal. Mariana Slagter credits the sculpture for making her aware of the park's existence, finding it fun and cool.

Funded by the city's public art fund, the sculpture did not cost taxpayers directly. The park itself, spanning 4.4 acres with three fenced enclosures, has been well-received, with city officials like Mike Parmer noting its high utilization.

The sculpture's journey is as interesting as its reception. Originally created for the Burning Man festival, artist Johnson is pleased with its placement in a public space, especially at a dog park. He understands the mixed reactions as a natural part of public art.

City officials, including Councilmember Ryan Hutchison and Mayor Dennis Michael, view the sculpture positively, seeing it as a spirited landmark and a character-adding element to the park. Despite the criticism, it seems "On Point" might be winning over its skeptics, slowly but surely.

First reported by the Daily Bulletin

Quick Response Leads to Shoplifting Suspects’ Detention at Rancho Cucamonga Macy's

On the evening of November 25, 2023, deputies swiftly responded to a reported theft at the Macy's store located at 12501 S. Mainstreet in Rancho Cucamonga. The incident occurred around 7:51 P.M., drawing immediate law enforcement attention.

The initial investigation revealed that the individuals involved had selected various items from Macy’s and attempted to leave the store without making any payment. When confronted by Macy’s Loss Prevention Officers, the suspects fled the premises with the merchandise. However, their escape was short-lived.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the deputies and Victoria Gardens Mall Security, the suspects were promptly located and detained. Following their detention, the suspects were escorted back to the station for further processing.

In the aftermath of the incident, the suspects were cited for shoplifting under PC.459.5 and subsequently released into the custody of their parents.

The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department is actively seeking additional information related to this case. They encourage anyone with relevant details to contact them at 909-477-2800. For those who prefer to provide information anonymously, the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) is available, as well as the option to submit tips online at www.wetip.com.

Fontana Softball Coach Arrested For Multiple Charges Related To Sex With A Minor

Deputies from the Fontana Sheriff's Station investigated allegations of unlawful contact with a minor to solicit sex, among other unlawful acts.

Deputies identified Joel Sanchez Madrigal as the suspect. At the conclusion of the investigation, Madrigal was arrested and booked into West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga for violation of PC 288.3(A), PC 288(B)(1), and PC 664/289(A)(1)(B). He is being held in lieu of $120,000 bail.

Deputies believe there may be additional victims and are releasing Madrigal’s booking photograph due to the fact Madrigal was a girl's youth softball coach. Anyone with information regarding this incident, or other incidents involving Madrigal, is encouraged to contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, Fontana Station at (909) 356-6767. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) or you may leave the information on the We-Tip Hotline at www.wetip.com.

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