Ski Resorts Open! But Don’t Forget Your Covid Mask

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Ski Resorts Open!
But Don’t Forget Your Covid Mask

The 2023 ski and snow play season has begun in Southern California mountain resorts, with some of them already open and others planning to open soon. The resorts have been preparing for the winter season by making snow, grooming trails, and implementing safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of the resorts that are ready to welcome skiers and snowboarders of all levels:

- Mountain High: This resort in Wrightwood opened on Nov. 25 and offers three separate areas: West Resort, East Resort, and North Resort. West Resort has terrain parks, night skiing, and tubing, while East Resort has longer runs and more challenging terrain. North Resort is a family-friendly area with tubing, snow play, and beginner slopes. Mountain High requires online reservations for lift tickets, rentals, and lessons, and masks are mandatory indoors and in lift lines. For more information, visit

- Snow Valley: This resort in Running Springs opened on Nov. 26 and has 28 trails, 12 lifts, and four terrain parks. Snow Valley also has a snow play area with sledding and tubing, and a learning center for beginners. Snow Valley requires online reservations for lift tickets, rentals, lessons, and snow play, and masks are required indoors and in crowded areas. For more information, visit

- Big Bear Mountain Resort: This resort consists of two areas: Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. Bear Mountain opened on Nov. 26 and Snow Summit opened on Nov. 27. Both areas have a variety of runs, lifts, and terrain parks for different skill levels. Big Bear Mountain Resort also has a tubing park, a climbing wall, a zip line, and a scenic chairlift ride. Big Bear Mountain Resort does not require reservations for lift tickets, but they are limited and may sell out. Masks are required indoors and in lift lines. For more information, visit

In-N-Out Loses Its 'Double-Double' Pioneer, Robert Lang Sr., at 87

Robert Lang Sr., the culinary visionary behind In-N-Out Burger's famed 'animal style double-double' patty, has passed away at the age of 87. Lang's legacy is deeply entwined with the California-based fast-food chain, where he pioneered the 'double-double'—a burger featuring two beef patties cooked in mustard, layered with caramelized onions, cheese, and a unique mayo-ketchup sauce, along with standard burger toppings.

The 'double-double' first made its appearance on the In-N-Out menu in August 1966 and quickly rose to fame, becoming one of the chain's most celebrated items. Lang's inspiration came from observing customers who frequently ordered hamburgers with double meat and cheese.

Lang's journey with In-N-Out began in Southern California, where he was born in 1936 to a Dutch immigrant father and a German immigrant mother. His early career was as a truck driver, often ending his days with a 25-cent hamburger at In-N-Out. He joined the fast-food chain at 19 and rapidly ascended to the role of co-manager at the Baldwin Park location, becoming the youngest manager in In-N-Out's history.

Lang's familial connections also played a role in the chain's development. His brother-in-law, Jon Peterson, was responsible for creating menus at In-N-Out drive-throughs. It was during the design of a menu for a new location in Azusa that Lang decided to introduce the 'double-double' to the public.

In his later years, Lang's preferences simplified to just a cheeseburger, reflecting a shift in his culinary tastes. He was also instrumental in marketing strategies, like adding promotional content to the lap mats given to drive-through customers, which originally featured a map of the San Gabriel Valley highlighting In-N-Out locations.

Lang retired in the 2000s and spent his subsequent years golfing, traveling, and occasionally teaching history at In-N-Out University. He was thrice married and is survived by his wife Lynn Lang; his sister Nancy Peterson; his children Robert Lang Jr., Mike Lang, Kelly Delizo, and Andrea Hernandez; 11 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Etiwanda High's Basketball Brilliance: From Underdogs to Champions in IE Classic

In a compelling display of athletic prowess, Etiwanda High School's basketball team, under the steadfast guidance of Co-coach Danny Ryan, clinched a decisive victory in the IE Classic championship game against host Rancho Cucamonga. The triumph, marked by a final score of 52-37, was not just a win but a redemption, as it reversed last year's outcome in the same title game.

Etiwanda's strategy, a hallmark of Ryan's coaching philosophy, heavily emphasized defensive play. This approach was starkly evident as they restricted Rancho Cucamonga to a mere 15 points during the crucial middle quarters of the game. Coach Ryan, acknowledging their undefeated status, emphasized the ongoing journey towards defensive perfection.

The game began with Aaron Glass of Rancho Cucamonga scoring the opening basket, but Etiwanda quickly seized control. A pivotal moment came early on when Etiwanda, led by standout performances from players like Stanley Thomas, went on an 11-point scoring spree, leaving their opponents trailing. Key shots by Carrington Pierce and a pair of 3-pointers by Jaidon Nassar further solidified Etiwanda's lead, demonstrating their offensive capabilities that complemented their defensive stronghold.

The third quarter saw Etiwanda obliterate any lingering hopes of a Rancho Cucamonga comeback with a remarkable 17-0 run. This streak featured impressive shooting from beyond the arc by Nassar and Zion Booker, and was capped off by AJ Orji’s floater. Despite a late effort from Rancho Cucamonga, including notable performances from Diego Murgia and LJ Hall, the gap proved too wide to bridge.

Etiwanda's victory was also a celebration of individual talent, with Amare Campbell receiving the Most Valuable Player award. He was joined by teammates Booker, Nassar, and Pierce in the all-tournament team, alongside Rancho Cucamonga's Glass and Derek Moreland.

In related IE Classic events, Riverside Poly edged out Temecula Valley for third place in a closely contested match. Poly's Jrob Croy and Temecula Valley's Jeremiah Profit delivered outstanding performances, both securing spots in the all-tournament team along with Aiden Chavez of Upland, Isaiah Sharky of Oak Hills, and Gor-El Zollicoffer of Great Oak.

How Much Do You Know About
Rancho Cucamonga?

In the last issue we asked:

Which of the following historical events did NOT occur in Rancho Cucamonga?

1. The establishment of the first winery in California by Tiburcio Tapia in 1839

2. The construction of the Sierra Vista reservoir by J.L. Scofield in 1886-87

3. The digging of irrigation tunnels in Cucamonga Canyon by Chinese laborers in 1887

4. The naming of Rancho Cucamonga by María Merced Tapia, who inherited it from her father​

The correct answer is #4! The naming of Rancho Cucamonga by María Merced Tapia, who inherited it from her father.

Maria Merced Tapia did inherit Rancho Cucamonga from her father, Tiburcio Tapia, but she did not name it. The name "Cucamonga" comes from a Tongva word meaning "sandy place." Maria Merced Tapia sold the land to John Rains in 1858

Know Of Something Interesting To Do?
Tell Us About It Today!

Pictures With Santa
Tue. Nov 21 - Sat. Dec 23

It's the most wonderful time of the year, Santa's here! Don't miss out on capturing tree-mendous family photos this year - make your reservation to meet and take pictures with Santa today!

Get more details on the Facebook Event page by clicking here

Make A Free Wooden Christmas Ornament At Solorio Brewing
Wed. Dec 6 @ 7PM

San Bernadino Sheriff Dept
‘Stuff The Bus’ Charity Event
Dec. 6 & 7

Upland Hometown Holiday Parade & Faire
Sat. Dec 9 from 2PM on

Santa Paws Pet Adoption Event
Sun. Dec 10 from 2-5PM
Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center

Come hither, on the joyous day of December 10th, from the hours of 2PM to 5PM, and partake in our 3rd Annual Santa Paws Adoption Extravaganza. Behold! The grandest of guests, Santa Claus himself, graces us with his presence. Prepare your four-legged companions for a free festive photo session, capturing your furry friend's irresistible charm with Santa! Experience the warmth of your heart, as we showcase the most deserving of pets, where adoption fees will be waived for these select few. But that's not all - witness the raffle of the century, with prizes beyond your wildest dreams. Shop with ease at our holiday boutique and peruse our famed Adopt a Plant booth. Satisfy your cravings with our delectable bake sale, knowing that all proceeds will benefit our beloved homeless pets.

My Healthy Penguin: Nourishing Lives and Hearts, One Meal at a Time

In the charming community of Rancho Cucamonga, a revolution is brewing, and it's not in a teapot but in the kitchens of My Healthy Penguin (MHP). A delightful meal prep delivery service, MHP is the brainchild of Christine Holyfield, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for health and community. Since its inception in 2016, MHP has been on a mission, a simple yet profound one: to make life easier for its customers by taking away all excuses for unhealthy eating.

What started as a single mom's endeavor to turn around her life has now blossomed into a thriving business. Christine's journey began when she faced a health scare and chose to change her lifestyle over medication. Her resolve led to a weight loss of nearly 30 lbs, but more importantly, it sparked a desire to help others. Drawing inspiration from her family's entrepreneurial spirit – her father's car mechanic shops and her mother's Mexican restaurant – Christine embarked on her own path, creating MHP.

My Healthy Penguin is unique in many ways. It's the first meal prep delivery service in Southern California to introduce weekly rotated menus, keeping the dining experience fresh and exciting. The menu items are not just meals; they are a blend of nourishment and taste, designed to recreate that comforting, home-cooked feeling. The service prides itself on its use of fresh ingredients, portion-controlled meals, and a serious commitment to customer experience. From the ease of ordering to the joy of eating, every step is crafted to perfection.

But MHP's story is not just about food. It's about community and resilience. During the challenging times of COVID-19, Christine took a bold step by building an entire kitchen facility, investing in refrigerated vans, and focusing on improving processes and hiring locally. This dedication was recognized when Christine was awarded the "Mary Anne Fox Top Female Entrepreneur" by the Spirit of the Entrepreneur in 2023, a testament to her hard work and commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, My Healthy Penguin is not slowing down. January, the busiest time of the year for MHP, brings new menus, healthier options, and an expansion of delivery areas. A recent investment, details of which are still under wraps, promises to further enhance the shelf life of their meals. This continual innovation and dedication to quality are what set MHP apart.

For those in Southern California looking to make healthy eating more enjoyable, accessible, and tasty, My Healthy Penguin is a beacon of hope. You can explore their offerings and connect with them through their website, My Healthy Penguin, or reach out via their contact form. They're also active on social media, bringing that same warmth and engagement to their digital presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok.

Join the My Healthy Penguin family and experience the joy of eating well without the guilt. After all, as Christine says, "MHP's mission is simple: to make your life easier!"

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